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Contact Elections Coordinator Juliana Crespo for more information about the application process at julianaceleste.crespo@csusb.edu


The Associated Students, Inc. President serves as the chief executive officer and official spokesperson of the student body of CSUSB. Under the powers of the bylaws and articles of incorporation of ASI, the President is chair of the ASI Board of Directors and is in charge of establishing the agenda for the academic year.


  • Ensure that the ASI Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Policies and Procedures, Initiatives and Endorsements approved by the ASI BoD are adhered to and enforced.

  • Serve as a member of the ASI BoD and shall Chair the ASI BoD meetings.

  • Serve as the voting representative to the California State Student Association or designate a designee.

  • Serve or designate a representative to the Santos Manuel Student Union Board of Directors.

  • As part of the shared governance philosophy of the university, the President will serve as a voting member on the Administrative Council and Faculty Senate.

Executive Vice President

The Associated Students, Inc. Executive Vice President is second in command and serves as the Secretary of the corporation. Under the powers of the bylaws of ASI, the Executive Vice President will sign and ensure minutes of board meetings are accurate, record vacancies, absences and changes in elected or appointed positions and serve as chair to the ASI Personnel Committee.


  • Serve as ASI student representative to the Student Union Board of Directors or appoint a designee.

  • Serve as the Secretary of the Corporation and be responsible in ensuring Board of Directors’ minutes are accurate, sign the completed minutes, record vacancies/ absences, and changes in elected or appointed positions.

  • Serve as a voting member of the ASI Finance Committee.

  • Serve as a Special Advisor to the ASI BoD.

  • Appoint and oversee all student representatives to university campus-wide committees.

  • Chair the ASI Personnel Committee and appoint, with a majority approval vote of the filled voting positions of the ASI BoD, all student representatives to the ASI Personnel Committee.

  • Assume the office of the president if there is a vacancy.

Vice President of Finance

The Associated Students, Inc. Vice President of Finance shall serve as the financial advisor for the corporation in conjunction with the Executive Director. Under the powers of the bylaws of ASI, the Vice President of Finance shall serve as the chair to the ASI Finance and Club Allocation Budget committees. This position will be responsible for updating the Board of Directors on all financial matters and work with the Executive Director in preparing the budget for the corporation.


  • Chair the ASI Finance and Club Allocation Budget Committees .

  • Serve as a Special Advisor to the ASI BoD.

  • Conduct Club Allocation Budget (CAB) workshops. Oversee and maintain records of CAB awards, expenditures and reimbursements for clubs.

  • The ASI Vice President of Finance may increase line item amounts within the function of an operating expense by transfer from another line item in the same function.

Board of Directors Representatives (BoD)

The ASI Board of Directors shall be the primary policy making body of ASI and shall be the final authority for all the corporate matters of ASI.

The ASI BoD shall interpret student issues and perspectives which shall then be carried out by the ASI executives, directors, chairs, committees and employees.

The ASI BoD may express its representative position by praise, censure, sanction, or suggestion to the administration, faculty, student body, or other groups. The ASI BoD can censure or sanction may take whatever form the BoD sees fit to impose on a case-by-case basis within the framework of its fiscal and corporate responsibilities.


  • All student ASI BoD members shall participate and serve on a minimum of two (2) ASI, campus-wide or Faculty Senate committees.

  • All ASI student BoD members shall establish and maintain a series of office hours to be no less than two (2) hours per week when non summer classes are in session. Office hours are to be interpreted as time spent at the various offices occupied by ASI, or attending meetings with deans/university officials, volunteering at ASI events, or serving on campus-wide committees.

  • All student representatives to the ASI BoD are required to attend all ASI BoD meetings.

Positions available (major must fall within the college you wish to run for with the exception of student at large):

  • Palm Desert Campus Representative

  • College of Education (or Liberal Studies) Representative

  • College of Arts and Letters Representative

  • College of Natural Sciences

  • College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • Graduate Student Representative

  • Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration

  • (3) Directors At-Large (one dedicated to sustainability initiatives)

  • Housing and Residential Education Representative (must live on campus)

  • International Student Representative