Presidential Candidates

Candidates below are in alphabetical order by their first name. 

Article IV of the ASI Bylaws:  The ASI President shall be the chief executive officer and official spokesperson for ASI. They shall ensure that the ASI Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Policies and Procedures, Initiatives and Endorsements approved by the ASI BoD are adhered to and enforced. They serve as a member of the ASI Board of Directors and Chair the meetings in accordance with the provisions in Article III of the corporations bylaws. 


Adonis Galarza Toledo

The passion and love I have for CSUSB & my community is what has motivated me to run for the office of ASI President. I believe in affordable education, & I will FIGHT to keep CSUSB affordable. I believe the students are the heart of the university, I will ensure we are taken care of! I believe in the power of community and love! I will use the power of love and community to bring the change we all want to see! I will always stand with the students and advocate on the best interest of the student body.


Hector Cordero

What would help you the most right now at CSUSB? A question for many but asked by few. I, Hector Cordero, am running for ASI President. As ASI President I will strive to make changes that will benefit the needs of students to support your academic excellence by expanding resources like tutoring services or student panels throughout all colleges. Being a commuter school I want to provide students a safe place to rest during their break. With your help and support changes like these could be possible.


Yera Nanan

In order to be a leader, one must be a great servant. I am a fourth-year Communications Studies major looking to define what the future has in store for every single CSUSB student. I look to serve the campus population while my passion is to implement solutions for preexisting conditions on this campus if be food, housing and financial insecurities. I will increase interdisciplinary collaboration and a strong sense of identity amongst all the colleges on campus. In summary I look to put the needs of others before my own while reflecting morals and values on any that I embark.

Yusra Serhan.png

Yusra Serhan (Write-in)

Fellow Yoties, my name is Yusra Serhan and I am a junior majoring in Criminal Justice and minoring in Philosophy. I have had the privilege of serving in ASI to advocate for you, the students, for the past two years. As president, I will strive to ensure all students are provided the necessary resources for success and I will address key issues including food insecurity and homelessness. I will support you every step of the way to reach your goals, I am here to serve YOU. Yoties, you define your college experience, so let’s make it an awesome one