Candidates for Board of Directors

Board of Directors: The ASI BoD shall be the primary policy making body of ASI and shall be the final authority for all the corporate matters of ASI. The ASI BoD shall interpret student issues and perspectives which shall then be carried out by the ASI executives, directors, chairs, committees (Standing, Regular or Ad Hoc), and employees.

The ASI BoD may express its representative position by praise, censure, sanction, or suggestion to the administration, faculty, student body, or other groups. The activities and affairs of the Corporation shall be conducted and all corporate powers shall be exercised by or under the direction of the ASI BoD.

The statements below have been submitted by each candidate and no alterations were made by ASI.

College of Arts & Letters


Cole Privette

My reasoning for running for Board of Directors for the college of Arts and Letters is because for the last two and a half years I have been a part of this amazing college and I have seen everything it has done for those that are part of it. I feel that it is how my time to make sure that every department under Arts and Letters is taken care of and is given all that this great university can offer.


Suany Echevarria

As a Junior on campus a future Spanish Teacher and a Candidate for the Board of Directors through the College of Arts and Letters I look forward to representing all students through this position, as well as be able to dialogue and discuss concerns that students may have about their college education and experience. Through my twelve years of experience as an educator I’ve been fortunate enough to advocate for the students that I’ve worked with in an open, purposeful and respectful conversation, and wish to continue those efforts here at CSUSB. I have the desire to be in office.

College of Natural Sciences


Andy Meza

In advocating for the College of Natural Science as a Board of Director, I hereby hope to serve the college with intention to connect, collaborate, and strengthen the collegiate experience altogether. We deserve our voices to be heard and our enthusiasm to transcend deeper into the campus in order to develop an experience that will accommodate all students. As a nursing student, my aim is to serve and impact the lives of patients just as much as I strive to serve and advocate for the college with the goal of helping establish your unique pawprints on our beloved campus.


Jonah Kortsen

As a STEM student it is easy to only focus on course work. This is why I plan to bring STEM based events and activities for us to connect with one another and create opportunities to network.


Marvin Macharia

I am running for college of Natural Sciences representative because of the following; 1. I want my peers to get the most out of their college experience by giving support to the clubs in the college to develop their ideas and recruit more members. 2. I want my peers to graduate in a timely manner and I will do this by advocating for increased course availability and expanded supplemental instruction. 3. I want my peers to be more competitive for graduate programs and I will advocate for standardized test practice and expanded application coaching.



Marilyn Lua (write-in)

This year I was able to be a Resident Assistant (RA) for University Village; this combined with my experiences in Village Council and the Campus Dining Advisory Committee, has allowed me to witness the changes DHRE goes through daily in efforts to provide services and to create an inclusive residential community through programs and initiatives; however, I want to bridge the gap between the department and resident opinions/needs/ideas. As your representative, I will advocate for you to bring this to fruition and hope this makes DHRE truly your home away from home! Vote for me, I rep. for DHRE!

Jack H. Brown College of Business & Public Administration


Yomara Donis

Coyotes, I am humbled once again to be on the ASI ballot seeking your vote to continue the positive work we have started together. I have had the pleasure to serve as a representative in ASI focusing on graduate initiatives, but today I am asking for your support as I look to empower the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration. I am looking to build a strong connection between you and the administration through open forums, socials, and networking opportunities that will aid in your development and help kick start your journey after graduation.

International Studies


Miao Zhang

Hello everyone, my name is Miao Zhang which sounds like meow. I am running for the International Student representative because I have served for Chinese student for two years as soon as I attended CSUSB. As a step above, I want to serve all international students. During my first year, I became a member of Chinese Students and Scholars Association and took part in editing the new manual for new students to learn school life in US. This year, I have become the minister of activity department in the association.

Palm Desert Campus

Jonathan .png

Jonathan Lowell

I am currently the PDC representative of ASI as of February. My appointment was very odd as it happened midway through the year, and midway through the quarter. Even through that, and in my short time in office, I have worked with ASI here at PDC and in San Bernardino to gather more awareness of student needs here at PDC. If elected, I would try and establish more communication between students and administration, and bring more events and services that are popular at San Bernardino here.

Student at Large

Doris .png

Doris Egbo (write-in)

My name is Doris Egbo I’m currently a senior and I’m majoring in Entrepreneurship. Also I’m a transfer student. I came from Moreno Valley College which is under the Riverside Community College District. I received three associate degrees in Administration and Information Systems, General Business Concentration, and Business Administration for Transfer. I was involved in student government at community college where I served as a board commissioner for Associated Students of Moreno Valley College (ASMVC).

Mark Anthony Sanchez

My name is Mark Sanchez, I am running for student at large. I’m a previous transfer student. In the last two years I was involved in student government in my community college, advocating and informing students of available resources we had on campus, I want to be able to play a role in the improvement of our university, I want to be a part of ASI, but to provide a better environment for current and future students. If elected my goal is to get more students involved and engaged on campus.


Yingtai Xu

My name is Yingtai (Chloe) Xu and I am a sophomore majoring in finance. I have good communication skills both in Chinese and English. I am now running for Student-at-Large and your voice is important to me. You voice your opinions and it is my duty to help you opinions better heard. Vote for me. I appreciate it!