The ASI Howl Grant was established to provide additional funding for clubs and organizations looking to host an event for the following academic year.  Students who were eligible to participate in the ASI Spring General election were allowed to allocate up to $3.00 to a club or organization of their choosing.

This source of funding is only eligible to clubs and organizations that are recognized by the Office of Student Engagement and by California State University, San Bernardino.  The use of these funds must also be in line with Title 5 of the California Education Code and must be used on events that are open to all students. 

Total Grant Funds Awarded in 2018:


  • ACE: $230.00

  • Coyote Music Society: $362.00

  • Coyote Running Club: $272.00

  • EIM-OC Physical Activity Initiative: $177.00

  • Financial Management Association: $265.00

  • Kappa Delta Shamrock 5K Charity Run: $310.00

  • Kappa Sigma Philanthropy: $281.00

  • Lambda Theta Nu (Latina Youth Leadership Conference): $359.00

  • Latino Business Student Association: $790.00

  • Marketing Yotes: $149.00       

  • Math Study Marathon: $295.00

  • Meet The Firms 2018: $223.00

  • Military Appreciation Night: $608.00

  • NatSec's CSU-ACE Colloquium: $173.00

  • Panhellenic Council: $266.00

  • Pet Away Worry & Stress (PAWS): $1,679.00

  • Society for Human Resources Management: $265.00

  • Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.: $143.00

  • Zeta Tau Alpha Philanthropy: $261.00